Managed Care


Managed Care is a health care delivery system organized to manage cost, utilization, and quality. Managed care provides for the delivery of  health benefits and additional services through contracted arrangements between health care providers and managed care organizations (MCOs).

MedLink Advantage's model helps physicians in all modes of practice achieve a clinically satisfying and financially rewarding practice while improving patient care and reducing costs. We work closely with participating practices to develop strategies to effectively manage their patient populations, the quality of care, referrals to specialists and other health care providers and medical & pharmaceutical utilization, just to name a few. 

MedLink Advantage believes that patient engagement is the key to achieving an effective way to better health and reduced costs.  MedLink Advantage has a variety of options proven to be effective at generating patient engagement.  We assist and educate patients on how to access the appropriate level of care when they need it. Through health education, prevention and wellness programs we at Medlink Advantage help our patients achieve a healthier lifestyle. High engagement from the provider and patient leads to better medication adherence, proper utilization of  care decision and creation of a thorough and well designed wellness and lifestyle plan.  

Medlink Advantage can assist with Managed Care Contracting and Negotiations, Risk Adjustment, Physician Networking strategies, Network Management, Care Coordination, Quality and Legal & Contracting structures.

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